Crystal Water Bottle

Water is the essence of life and no one can survive without it. Water shares in 60% of our body weight and millions of our body cells, tissues, and organs use this inorganic substance to keep functioning and maintaining their temperature. As each part of our body consumes water and it outflows in the shape of urination and excrements, and sweat, etc. we continuously need a decent amount of this life-granted substance to keep us hydrated.

Whatever we consume from our daily foods, our bodies receive water but still can’t fulfill our requirements unless we consume a substantial amount of neat water. This clean water contains minerals that keep us in good physical shape but at the same time, it could be dangerous to our health if the fluid we’re consuming is contaminated.

During the long history of mankind, we, humans have always tried to consume water after the necessary treatment to get all its benefits. For centuries, different scientific methods have been applied to percolate water along with infusing healthy minerals and crystal infusion is the most adorable method ever used by humans in every part of the land and era.

Crystal Infusion in Water

We use a word in our daily life whenever we want to convey our message undoubted, “crystal clear”. Either we want to make our argument authentic or to show a thing free of impurities, we say it’s crystal clear. This proves that crystals are what make things clear, free of pollutants, and neutralize the unwanted fouls. The same goes for water which we consume in every minute of our lives and lots of contaminants come along causing various illnesses instead of benefitting us.

It has been observed in recent years that people are inclining to adopt the ancient methods of using crystals for their wellness and crystal infused bottles are becoming trendy. Crystal water bottles are a great source of hydrating our bodies as well as granting us the healing powers of crystals.

What is a Crystal?

When a microscopic construction of atoms, molecules, or ions are grouped in a sequenced manner, a solid substance metalizes that is called a crystal. These crystals further loom in all directions and form a crystal lattice. Moreover, the unification of different microscopic crystals composes into a single substance.  

These crystal gemstones are believed to be retaining various properties that could be used for body and mind healing. The specific molecular structure of these gems emanates magical vibes and energies and if our bodies absorb them, these would energize us emotionally and physically.

Crystal Water Bottles:

A crystal water bottle or crystal elixir is a glass water bottle in which crystal is affixed in a caddy at the bottom. These bottles come in various price lists based on their make, quality of glass, and other material, size, and types of crystals fitted inside.

What Crystal Bottle is Good for Us?

Each crystal comes with inimitable properties putting their effects on our bodies and minds. Some of them help in reducing our stress level, some boost our energy level, some keep our emotions at bay, and some improve our physical health by confiscating toxic constituents from our bodies, leveling blood pressure, enhancing eyesight, etc.

You know better about you and what actually your body needs. After reading different properties of various crystals used in water bottles, it would become easier for you to choose the best out of stock.

  • Rose Quartz: You can’t love the world if you don’t love yourself. If you do, this world, with all its ugliness and beauty, will become your adorable darling. The zodiac gemstone Rose Quartz omits healing power for your emotions and produces unconditional self-love. If you continue drinking rose quartz infused water, a self-contentment and feel of happiness will encircle you with not a fraction of regret.
  • Clear Quartz: This rock crystal does not only omit powerful love glimmers but also absorbs and regulates high emotions while keeping you calm. This silicon dioxide substance imbibes all the negativity and makes our minds clear, smooth, and highly satisfied with no pinch of frustration and disappointment.
  • Smoky Quartz: For spiritual, emotional, and physical balancing, the essential connection between the human body and earthen healers is unquestionably vital for us and this is what grounding stones like smokey quartz are capable of. To neutralize negative vibrations, the process of detoxification is done passably by this crystal. The infusion of smoky quartz with water results in utter calmness and helps getting rid of suicidal thoughts.
  • Citrine Stone: This yellowish gem enhances self-esteem, helps in building confidence as well as associated with wholeness, intrepidity, and energy enrichment. To fill your deeper thoughts with abundance, and self-improvement, the citrine stone is counted to be the best whether used as an ornament or imbued its energetic flux with water and ingesting on a daily basis.
  • Amethyst Crystal: Derived from the ancient Greek word ametusthos which means “not intoxicated”. As the name suggests, this gemstone sods off depravity, crapulence, and consternation. When this crystal is suffused with water, it brings ultimate equilibrium, mood balancing, anger suppression, digestion, and self-consciousness.
  • Obsidian Crystal: This dark-colored volcanic glass rock is a stroke of luck for those who live in a state of psychic instability. It delivers hopefulness and ambition of thoughts while warding off obscurity and negativity of thoughts. People who can’t get rid of unseen fear, distrust, and resentment feelings for even the closer ones and ruin their life should use this time-proven gem. How? The best way to buy an Obsidian crystal water bottle.  

What Crystal Bottle Could Endanger Our Health?

There is no doubt that a vast range of crystals tends to improve our inner either emotionally or physically, you should beware of negative effects posed by some. Crystals that crumble or change their properties when infused with water or bear toxic elements should be avoided. A good example is selenite crystal that breaks off in water including Tiger’s Eye that contains asbestos and could cause several deadly diseases.

There is a long list of hazardous stones containing copper, aluminum, Sulphur, asbestos, fluorine, mercury, etc. It is highly recommended to research well while purchasing a gem water bottle for your wellness and only trusted brand should be chosen for above-listed crystals infused water bottles.

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