Water Spot Remover

Water is the basic need of every living and non-living creature on this planet earth and nothing could be done without it. Other than drinking where water runs the whole-body system, it is used for cleaning and washing everything. Everything means everything!!!

This terribly freaks us out when the problem solver itself becomes problematic. Yes! I’m talking about the stubborn water spots appearing everywhere exposed to water.

Our bathroom walls, bathtubs, floors, washbasin, kitchen sinks, glass doors and windows, and above all our toilet bowls have the exposure to water and become easy prey to water spots.

What Actually Are Water Spots and the Reason of Their Appearance?

Water, if not distilled, contains minerals, crystals, and other deposits and any surface where water splashes and vaporizes, leaves all these offloads, and make the surface stained. The term used for this type of water is called ‘hard water’ that mainly contains magnesium and calcium. The greater the concentration of these two minerals, the level of water hardness increases and results in more often and persistent stains.

As time passes, these water scums start perforating through the surface and become harder to remove. If not taken care of well in time, these residues will start discoloring the surface or blurring the window or door glasses.

These water spots give an awkward pasty-faced appearance and become an eyesore. Removing these spots is a butt-pain and people spend huge sums on buying various water spot removers without enjoying a complete spot-free environment.

Why Not Preparing Your Own Water Spot Remover?

Why keep following the steps of falsely claiming water spot removing products and spending your precious money when you can tactfully eliminate this problem with the help of already available household items?

I was having the same issue and was ready to blow my head against the wall but thanks to my goodness, I was able to find a way in reclaiming the original sheen of my house. Stop rambling in between venomous chemical odors gushing out of those commercial cleaners and try these safe and proven methods that cost you next to nothing to make your surroundings sprinkling.

  • Water Spot Remover for Windows, Shower Door, and Glass Surfaces:

Regular water spot removers sometimes can’t tear up by the roots and leave the stiff-necked spots mocking us around. Dissolution of minerals and deposits after evaporation of water causes spooky spots and need some homemade strategies to erase them without scratching the surface.

With the help of this homebrew, self-restrained, and a dog cheap recipe, you can transform the ugly sight of your sweet home into eye-candy and your shower glass door, windows panes, and all other glassy surfaces will become admirable once again.

  • Grab your bottle of white vinegar and pour one cup into a spray bottle. Mix the same amount of warm water into it and shake it well to form a solution.
  • Spout the spray directly on the stained surface and give it some time to do its miracle.
  • Within a few minutes, the antiseptic and acidic properties of vinegar will agitate the water spots and you can now easily scrub off the remaining spots with a brush.
  • Once you’re sure enough that all the spots are unstuck, clean the surface with a damp cloth and you’d see how it gets its shining back.
  • You can give an extra kick to the spot removing process by adding a tinge of dishwasher detergent or lemon water into your recipe.
  • On your window glass and shower door, still, you might experience some stubborn spots. To ensure their complete removal, you can add baking soda and ammonia to make a more powerful cleaning solution.
  • In this case, you’ll have to mix all the above ingredients in a bowl instead of a spray bottle (because of one solid substance baking soda) and whip them up to form a thin paste.
  • Apply the paste onto the desired area with a scrubbing brush or a cleaning rag and rub it gently to prevent it from scratches.
  • Leave the surface for some time then rub it off again with gentle hand until the surface is de-stained and then wash it out.
  • Dry the surface with a clean soft cloth and you’ll see the super clean transparent surface.
  • Water Spot Remover for Toilet Bowl and Bathtub:

Toilet bowl is the main victim of hard water spots because it has not only the maximum exposure to water but also all the secretion goes down there making it more vulnerable than any surface. Bathtub, on the other hand, gets hater spots and it becomes a painful act to keep them cleaned.

We have seen that there’re lots of hard chemicals out there used for cleaning toilet bowl and bathtubs but we end up with disappointment even after pouring a large sum of money on them. Stop bashing yourself and try this simple yet very effective home remedy to get rid of those brownish, pale, or dark spots from your toilet bowl and bathtub.

  • Take two common household products, baking soda and distilled vinegar and head to your toilet.
  • Sprinkle a cup of vinegar into the bowl and ensure no part of the bowl is left without tasting it. Use the toilet brush to spread it to every corner of the toilet bowl.
  • Leave it for a few minutes, then toss the baking soda followed by another cup of vinegar.
  • You can clearly see the fizzing of both ingredients due to chemical action (though not harmful but better to stay away for a few moments and let both of them do their chemistry).
  • After 10 to 15 minutes, with the help of a toilet brush, waggle the mixture around each corner so that it reaches everywhere. Rub it with the brush as much as you can without pouring all your wrist power on it.
  • You’ll see that the recipe has done its job and no stains are left behind.
  • For your bathtub, spray the vinegar + water solution and leave it for a while as you’ve done with the glass surfaces.
  • Take a pot and mix baking soda, some table salt, and water to make a paste and apply it with a sponge to the stained surface and let it stay there for about half an hour.
  • Scrub the entire area with a brush until the water spots vanish entirely.
  • Rinse the bathtub with clean water and you’ll see how it becomes like band new.

Final Thoughts:

If you have been using different water spot cleaners and still those persistent spots aren’t ready to go away or you can’t stand the bad odor and fumes gushing out of harsh chemicals, try above proven methods. These non-toxic and very inexpensive home remedies are your best bet. Try and enjoy the disinfected glittering atmosphere around you!

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