Top 10 Best Commercial Carpet Extractor – Ultimate Buying Guide 2020

No one can enjoy the level of coziness, comfort, and add-on beauty of their living or business vicinities a carpeted flooring can provide. This is, however, true until the carpets are new, clean, and fresh-looking but it can’t remain forever. As the time passes on, the intrusion of outside mud and dirt, moisture, spillovers, and tomcats’ gags transform your space into hell-like making it difficult to live with.

The challenge of reshaping your dirt-filled and smelly place isn’t that easy and requires special treatment and deep-cleaning solutions and only specifically designed powerful carpet extractors can do the job. This is what we came up with and put our best efforts to pick the right products so you could live in the same comfort zone you lost overtime.

Each product and its manufacturer claim being the best but what really make them the best is their make, use of innovative technologies, and above all, the consent of people who have already used them. So, we gathered all the information very thoroughly and critically and then are presenting these few carpet extractors you can use without any embarrassment.

Our Recommendations:

No matter, you’re a professional or just a resident with a carpeted house, you’ve every option out of our recommended 10 products. Whether you’ve limited budget, or can spend a huge sum on a commercial-graded carpet extractor, you’ve got in the list below. Here are our recommendations:

1. Hoover FH50150 SPINSCRUB Deluxe Corded Upright Carpet Extractor and Shampooer

This commercial-graded carpet extractor by Hoover is the best buy for a number of reasons. There’s a hell of difference between the cleaning power it delivers and price you have to pay, unbelievably negligible. No matter how heavily soiled and deep piled your carpets are, 360° rotating SpinScrub brush system tugs all that deep-seated grime successfully and safely. You can disengage these brushes after finishing your job to clean them off and make them ready for the next session. This model is also introduced one of the best vacuum for laminate floors by palandsmith.

Two V nozzles provide equally strong suction so you won’t leave any mess behind during a pass and like the brushes, these nozzles could also be removed. In order to parch wet carpets, forced heated air is unswervingly applied which also yank the still stuck stains and quickens the desiccation process.

You can easily wheel around as the large smooth rubber wheeled and supper-light machine with almost 19lbs weight needs no elbow juice. Mixing detergent with clean water in upper tank takes seconds with no spill over and 16oz capacity is good if not great for many users. If you got heavily carpeted area or lots of dirt to clean, refilling the tank is a no-brainer. Dirt water tank accommodates on gallon mean you won’t have to empty it frequently and disposing of filthy water is also super easy.

The package includes handful of accessories best for above floor cleaning such as upholstery and crevice attachments, and a stair tool along with an 8ft long hose to access faraway spaces. A carpet cleaning solution bottle is also included. Thumbs Up! Power cord length is 25” which’s not that bad.


  • Best for both home and commercial use
  • Easy to set-up and use
  • Lightweight and maneuverable
  • Forced heated air feature for quick drying
  • Above floor cleaning option
  • Powerful suction and Spinscrub brush system
  • Very affordable


  • Power cord length not good for large areas
  • Clean water tank size not that big especially for large spaces

2. Hoover F5914900 SteamVac Carpet Extractor & Cleaner with SpinScrub

If you feel the above model is insufficient for your huge messy carpeted surfaces and you’re inclined to hiring some professionals, wait a bit. Consider this big cleaning master equipped with everything way bigger, advanced, and additionally powered specs. Its clean surge feature is handy to use which sprays water with a push of thumb and transforms your carpets into lush looking without putting yourself into a donkey’s work.

The deep piles can’t hide or keep the residue stuck with them because of powerful 12Amp motor that delivers substantial power to rotate 5 scrub brushes clock and anti-clockwise and lift everything in their range. A speed control button located above the brush cover gives 3-speed options for uprooting toughest to moderate grime without wheedling out fibers.

With around 30lbs weight and smooth wheels, you can easily hover around. Though cord is not long enough and you have 20ft access but an extension would work to complete the job. The carpet cleaner has two large easily removable tanks for clean and dirty water. You can fill 133oz water in clean tank which requires a refill even for heavy-traffic area. When the dirt tank is full, the machine would auto shut-off. Remove it, empty it and get going.

An eight-feet hose along with necessary attachments available for aboveground cleaning and a hand tool with spin brush is such a remarkable addition truly deserves applause. A 16 ounces detergent bottle is really a free gift. Once the cleaning task is over, your damp carpets will readily dry with the forced heated air technology. And above all, you won’t need a wad of money to buy this great tool.


  • Easy on pocket
  • Extended power motor
  • Multi-directional & speed detachable spin brushes
  • Extra-large clean and dirty water tanks
  • A large bottle of detergent bottle
  • Forced heated air for quick dry up
  • Powered hand tool with spinscrub brush
  • Handy attachments


  • Power cord too short
  • Clean surge button means the machine isn’t spraying the solution at constant bases

3. Bissell 86T3 Big Green Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner & Shampooer

If you’re embarrassed with dirty carpets because you’ve an under-performing carpet extractor, you should look for this magic machine with its incredible cleaning powers. With the help of its oversized power brush, the deep-rooted dirt and grime will no more reside between your carpet piles and you’ll definitely end up with almost brand-new looking carpets with no pet odor left.

The Avant-graded Bissel carpet cleaner is the best purchase for home and commercial use. The machine is run by heavy-duty 12Amp motor that provides abundance of suction power to deep dig the dirt and suck it all along with the sprayed water. This suction allows the rinsed carpets to dry up more quickly so that you can walkover just after a few hours.

With 25ft long power cord, you can easily walkthrough the whole hallway without unplugging it. You’re also going to receive a bottle of pet-friendly Bissel professional formula for perfect cleaning without leaving urination spot. A 6-inch long tough stain tool along with the extended 9ft long hose are also available in the box to ensure overhead and stairs cleaning with the similar strength.

The weight of this commercial cleaner is 48lbs means you need to grease your elbows before starting-up your cleaning session and if you’re a lady, hand this task over to your dear hubby. The water tank can hold 1.75 gallons water, more than the Hoover’s. If something is still bothering you, take no time to contact their customer services section and they’ll never disappoint you. The machine is backed by 5-years limited warranty as well.


  • Powerful motor for strong suction and quick drying
  • Best customer support
  • 5-years limited warranty
  • Large water tank capacity
  • Tough stain tool for hard to reach areas
  • Bet for spaces wit pets


  • Very heavy on arms
  • No heated air technique

4. BISSELL (2085) TurboClean Pet Upright Carpet Cleaner & Shampooer with DirtLifter PowerBrush

If you can’t handle the oversized and bulky Bissel Big Green (though that one is great for large and heavy-footed areas), get this smaller than typical versions weighing just 12lbs and enjoy the similar clean and nice smelling floors without drudging with crazy bulky machines.

You’d be amazed to find this easy to put on and use gem with two tank system having half gallon capacity for each. The water doesn’t slosh out of the tanks nor the dirt collector spits out clusters of sucked grunges. After finishing the job, the wispy collection container is a fun to remove and flush the dirty water out.

With the help of accorded OXY detergent and 4-row DirtLifter power brushes, the extractor/cleaner not only sops up set-in dirt but also deftly gobbles the succulence out of soaked floors. Within an hour or so, you’d see your carpets are neat and dry along with freshening heavenly aroma.

To clean the corners and around furniture, EdgeSweep bristles work in a classy way and catch any hidden dirt no matter how aged and stain-ridden your interiors are. This mighty little master extends the life of your outmoded carpets by bringing back their cluster. Once your cleaning task is over, detach the nozzle, clean it well and retract the handle of your upright machine so you could store it anywhere. Power cord isn’t long enough and you can travel only 20’ from the power outlets.


  • Super light in its category
  • Powerful cleaning with 4-way power brushes and edge sweeping
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Folding handle for easy storage option
  • Water doesn’t leak out of tanks
  • Free OXY detergent bottle
  • Dries the carpets quickly


  • Power cord length inadequate
  • No crevice and upholstery tools included

5. Rug Doctor Heavy-Duty Super Boost Carpet Cleaner with Dual Cross-Action Brushes, Red

Although your previous carpet cleaner was picking up everything from the surface but somewhere deep-down, a large portion still remains unattended. Why keep hosting all that unwanted hidden punk and endangering your atmosphere? Why not assign this task of apprehending that concealed threat to Rug Doctor? The Rug Doctor is great at it…why???

Equipped with 10 rows of vigorous duel cross action brushes, your machine is going to hunt down every apparent and hidden particle stuck since long. Your aged carpet filaments will really start living a new life with full blossom and you’re going to breath in fresh air for sure.

75% extra suction power delivered through 12” wide head is unrivaled that not only plucks out all the hidden gunk but also swiftly desiccates the carpets. Both the tanks have wide opening making it a cakewalk to fill and dump water. The tank cap stashes the measuring cup to gauge the right quantity of solution for quick cleanup.

Some heavily soiled spaces still need extra push and for this, you’ve “Super Boost” option to tackle still persistent muck. Afterall, Rug Doctor is a doctor and it specializes in uprooting the cancer, so it does. An easy removeable backpack lodges attachments like upholstery, spot cleaning tool, and a long wand for quick overhead cleaning. After completion of cleaning task, storage is a snap, just collapse the handle and keep the machine anywhere safely.


  • 75% extra suction power
  • Collapsible handle for easy storage
  • Super boost option for more tenacious stains
  • Detachable accessory backpack
  • Multi-angled cross section brushes for thorough cleaning
  • Extended 28ft long cord
  • Extra-large wheels for mobility


  • The tank holds just a gallon means you’re refilling it multiple times for large or heavily smudged area

6. Hoover FH52000 Smartwash Fully Automatic Commercial Carpet Cleaner

Your carpeted floors provide coziness, comfort when you walk over, and add beauty to your home unless they are new and shiny. All the heavenly feelings turn into weirdness when the same carpets get dirty overtime and the bad odors start becoming unbearable. Why? Because, the carpets tend to absorb lots of litter, gunk, spillovers, and much more. If you’re the one with all this, don’t lose your sanity because Hoover got something for you.

This Smartwash automatic carpet cleaner is a gem. Hoover named it “the automatic” and they mean it. Equipped with Automatic Cleaning Technology, you don’t have to push any button. Just move forward and it picks damn everything coming its way, and on its way back, it auto switches to drying mode to slurp all the wheedled scum along with the dampness. When you’re done with the cleaning but still find some sudor, press the Auto-Dry mode and the forceful HeatForce technology would extract any signs of water, leaving your carpets dry and fresh.

Another beauty of this auto cleaner is its Auto-Mixer that know exactly how much to take cleaning solution from a 20OZ separate vessel to mix with the clean water tank and direct to the dirty area for idyllic cleaning. In the meantime, FlexFoce power brushes scrub out all the set-in scum without getting harsh on fabrics.

So, this was all about the floors. What about the couches, sofas, and stairs? No worries… You got an 8ft long hose with a 2-in-1 pet tool to tackle the aboveground muck. The package also includes a cleaning solution bottle! Really nice!!! With 19lbs weight, it’s easy to carry and you can conveniently press a button with your left foot and the machine will just lay against the ground to reach under low profile spaces.


  • Trigger-less handle
  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sleek design and easy to assemble/use
  • Negligible price
  • Auto-Mixer with separate solution pot
  • Handy tool for aboveground cleaning
  • Convenient for low profile usage


  • Hose length is short
  • Bearings of roller brush are not stainless steel

7. Rug Doctor Mighty Pro Three-Step Clean Pet Pack Commercial Carpet Cleaner and Extractor

Tired of rental cleaning of your heavily-sordid interiors and now want something you can call your own to conveniently keep your areas clean from stepped-in dirt and projectile secrete of felines? Have hands-on Rug Doctor Mighty Pro X3 and you’d be blessed with a clean gleaming and nice aromatic atmosphere all the time.

This champ accompanies a 40oz bottle of Pet Carpet Cleaning solution and a 24oz Urine Eliminator spray bottles for removing pet stains and smells resulting from Toms and Jerrys’ on/off emits. A handheld attachment for off the floor cleaning is also a nifty addition along with 12ft long wand for hard to catch scums and all these attachments are easily accommodated in the backside of your machine.

Filling and clearing water reservoirs are an easy catch. Just lift the machine flapper, remove the top reservoir, pour detergent mixed water down in lower tank and that’s it. With 3.9-gallons recovery reservoir storage, you need less often dumping during the cleaning session. Keep pressing the red button as needed to spray the mixture. The solution, the power of rotating durable bristled brushes, and the suction strength skillfully agitate and pick all deep-down gunk while escorting it towards the top recovery tank.

Chucking the filthy water away could be a hassle but why not doing it smartly? You can dump it out by setting it on handheld mode while keep connecting to the reservoir and let the filth gush away from the other end of the wand. Plain sailing! Once the water tanks are empty, the machine becomes superlight and after collapsing its handle, putting all the attachments in the back caddy, your machine could be housed in any corner without needing a whole room.


  • Very powerful suction
  • Two bottles of cleaning solutions
  • Huge water tanks
  • Handy hand tool
  • Very long wand best for distant spaces
  • Easy to move, use, and store
  • Professional-graded construction


  • The powerful motor produces annoying noise
  • Hand tool works perfect on furniture but not at stairs

8. Mytee Lite 8070 Commercial-Size Lightweight Carpet Extractor & Cleaner, On-Board Heater

Your shaggy carpets and car seats need some special treatment so you could extract all the deep and unabating hidden gunk, spills, namby-pambies emanate, and the intruded mud. Great news to share that the Mytee Lite heated water commercial carpet extractor is specifically designed to tackle these redundancies.

Made with super solid material, this champ comes along a single 3-phase powerful motor. It runs at 100 CFM and delivers quite balanced and excellent air flow. No mess could stand in front of incredibly strong suction with 130” water lift. It’s super easy to fill the lower tank with an opening on the front of machine. The 4-gallon water tank capacity ensures you can complete your job without repeated refilling.

With 6” rubber back wheels and comfy handle, you can propel the machine anywhere you want. The 2” caster wheels at front have breaks to let it stay wherever it is. And what really makes Mytee a pacesetter is its innovative approach by structuring an on-board 1k-watt heater that provides hot water to bust up all the sticky scums and oily spots. Almost 2ft long hose on the back of recovery tank makes ditching an easy process. You don’t need to keep jostling with the machine when you’ve all 15ft coverage with that vacuuming hose as well.

The Mytee Lite is backed with 5-years on body and 1-year on parts to make sure their customers won’t lose their trust. The power cord is 25ft long, good for inhouse and car cleaning both with convenience. Whether you want it for your personal use or have a large mobile business, this one would never let you down.


  • Dual warranty on body and parts
  • 1kw integral heater
  • Large solution tank
  • Easy to fill, use, and drain
  • Extended internal solution hose
  • Excellent suction with good PSI
  • Tough built


  • Loading/unloading this extractor to/from a vehicle is really a pain in your butt (especially if you’re a mobile pro) as it has no real handles or grips to pick it up

9. Bissell BG10 BigGreen Commercial Carpet Cleaner and Shampooer

If it bothers you to hire someone for your carpet cleaning task, buy this excellent heavy-duty carpet cleaner and get cleaned your dirty carpets flawlessly. The BG10 is really big and very powerful that tackles all types of grunges from your floors to the above floor delivering even power in both directions.

This commercial carpet extractor runs on two incredibly powerful motors. The large cleaning brushes spin at high speed and agitate the ground-in dirt pretty well with the help of one motor, whereas the other one draws all the excavated crud in including the wetness. Th dirt container on the top is big one and comprises a safety valve to ensure the dirty water doesn’t sucked in to the vacuum part and electrical components.

The machine is not lightweight but pushing and pulling is a breeze with convenient handle and large rubber wheels. After filling the solution tank, start the machine and recline the handle with a simple lock. Trigger is right under your right hand, press it to sprinkle the solution over the area you want to clean and upon releasing this trigger, you’re in suction mode to engulf all the agitated grime.

This user-friendly machine has a flow indicator that continues spinning while the machine is spraying solution and when it stops spinning it shows that you are out of solution and need a refill. The package includes a 32oz Scotchgard formula to deftly loosen the ground-in dirt and stains. Storage is easier with the folding handle that sits on the machine with simply pressing a button. For your car, stairs, and crevices, a long hose and upholstery tool are a nice addition for complete cleanup.


  • More durable than its competitors
  • To powerful motors
  • Large capacity tanks
  • Solution flow indictor
  • Deliver equal power in both directions
  • Reclining handle with comfortable grip


  • Flimsy 14-gauge power cord gets hot with prolonged use
  • Can’t get closer to the edges due to heavy built

10. EDIC 12 Gallon Galaxy Commercial Carpet Extractor Cleaner

To meet the tough challenges of keeping your high-trafficked carpet floors neat clean and odor-free, regular vacuum cleaners have certain limitations and you need an extra push. This is where a commercial heavy-duty carpet extractor like EDIC Galaxy carpet cleaner comes with lots of power to tackle big and stale messes.

This big unit comes along two extra-large tanks having the capacity of 12-gallons for solution tank and 11-gallons for recovery reservoir. So, no worries about multiple refilling. A 25ft long solution hose conveniently reaches everywhere without dragging the whole unit. With the on-board heater, you get 190-degree hot water in less than one and half minutes and to retain that heat, a specially designed lid sits on the solution.

The machine is harnessed with two separate powerful motors for brushes and suction. Both the motors operate at 100PSI delivering 150” water lift and this is what ensures the entire cleaning and quick dryness of the treated space. The unit comes with a patented cooling system to keep all the components from overheating so you could continue over large areas for prolonged hours.

The sealed switches on top of the handle make cleaning process a cinch from vacuuming to pumping. Backed by 5-years warranty on parts and labor, the machine shows its promise of providing not only the powerful cleaning solutions but also doing it for years without wear and tear.


  • Dual powerful motors
  • Patented cooling system
  • Extra-long extraction hose
  • Giant water tanks
  • 5-years warranty
  • Large rubber wheels for portability
  • Instant heat and protection lid on solution tank to preserve heat


  • No roller and agitator
  • Very expensive

Final Thoughts

Going through a huge stack of products in any line, collecting all the information in every prospect, and choosing a few best out of them isn’t an easy job and takes an ample amount of time, hard work, and requires specific skills. So, we did it and brought top 10 commercial carpet extractors to make sure nobody falls on alluring claims of flimsy products and just get the one work best for them.

We’ve done our part by passing all the necessary information to narrow-down your choice when you head to buy your carpet extractor. Whether you’re in floor cleaning business or an unhappy homeowner with years of accumulated dirt over your carpeted surfaces, you can now handle everything with any of above best in the line products.

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