Brown Kitchen Cabinets with White Countertops Design Ideas

You’ve scoured Pinterest, Instagram, and a slew of design websites, and you’ve discovered that brown kitchen cabinets are officially out of style! Many fashionable housewives are ditching the handcrafted aesthetic in favor of a modern design with bright whites and gleaming grey surfaces.

Well, we at Gifted House are well aware that interior design trends change quickly! Your brown kitchen cabinets are stunning and deserve to be displayed in all of their historical beauty. We’re going to show you how to make the most of your lovely brown cabinets by giving them a stunning modern twist.

Types of Brown Kitchen Cabinets

Of course, no wood is the same. “Brown” is a rather large umbrella in which many different types of wood are sheltered underneath.

Let’s take a look at the different types:

Cherry Wood

Red undertones can be found in cherry wood (as you may have guessed). Cherry wood cabinets have a deep color that is both warm and inviting in a home. As they age, they become smoother and suppler, giving them a sumptuous and timeless feel!

Pecan Wood

Pecan wood comes in a variety of colors. Pecan Wood comes in a variety of colors ranging from light to dark brown and everything in between, making it a one-of-a-kind addition to any home. Pecan Wood is both smooth and very sturdy, with a very natural-looking, rustic aspect.

Maple Wood

The lightest of the brown kitchen cabinets is maple. Maple wood has a delicate pattern that gives a modern, uniform appearance. It is almost creamy white in color with occasional darker brown overtones.

Walnut Wood

Walnut has a classic appearance with clean, linear grain patterns and light tones. Your kitchen cabinets could be anything from a light greyish brown to a dark chocolate brown.

Oak Wood

In the late 1990s, it was a popular choice among homeowners. The graining on oak cabinets is quite different, giving each cabinet a distinct appearance. Oak comes in a variety of colors, from light yellowish-brown to darker pink and crimson. Because of the mineral deposits it contains, oak wood has lines, leafy patterns, and watermarks.

Color Combinations

Let’s take a look at how you can style your wood to create a modern feel. Check out these color combinations for countertops, wall colors, and flooring.

Brown Cabinets White Countertops

When white counters are combined with dark brown cabinets, the result is striking. They add a brighter edge to the area and bring out the chocolate or red undertones in your wood. A great contrast that lifts the kitchen and gives smaller spaces a more open sense.

Black Countertops

If you want to opt for a classic look, black countertops are ideal. They complement light to medium brown cabinets, particularly when paired with light walls (more on that later). If you’re going with dark brown cabinets and black countertops, be careful. It’s possible that the space will become overly dark and dirty.

Grey Countertops

A light grey countertop is a terrific way to modernize your room. Grey is really fashionable right now, and it’s a simple way to bring your old wooden kitchen into the twenty-first century. Grey quartz countertops look well with both dark and light wood cabinets, and they allow you to experiment with a variety of wall and floor colors.

How can I brighten my kitchen with dark cabinets?

Dark cabinets take up 75% of the visual space in your kitchen, so it’s important to brighten up your kitchen in other ways if you’re going for an all-dark aesthetic elsewhere.

Choose a light countertop color

If you need to lighten up your room, choosing a light countertop color is the simplest solution. To brighten up your kitchen, go with a light cream, gray, or pure white.

Install under-cabinet lighting

LED under-cabinet lighting is inexpensive and simple to install, providing additional light sources in a dark environment. It also aids in visibility when slicing veggies, which is beneficial.

Use shiny, reflective countertops

Regardless of the countertop shade, make sure that the stone is shiny and reflective rather than dull and matte. This will make the space feel brighter and bigger.

Install large windows to maximize daylight

If you’ve got the wall space to do so, install large windows that let in as much daylight as possible. Also consider a skylight if your house design allows it.

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