Homemade Pet Odor Neutralizer

Whenever we get home after a long busy day, all our exhaustion flees in a moment when our cuddling fluffy kitty or larkish poodles rush towards us and start rubbing their bodies against ours showing their affection. Pets jesting around sounds great to everyone. This is true that pets are the reason to make a home lively. Our kids love them and we do as well.

This is also a bitter fact that every blessing comes with a price and you can’t enjoy the fragrance of roses without feeling the pain of thorns. The same goes for having a lovely pooch or a civet that omits stinking odor caused by yeast metabolizing omissions and microorganisms.

No matter how well trained your beloved pets are, they’re animals not humans after all and they’re more likely to offend the rules. Every now and then, you encounter the reek of their feces and urine that make their way through the rug piles or the other areas. Dealing with those malodors is, in fact, tricky and require fail-safe remedies.

One solution to get rid of those offensive odors is loosening your money belt to buy pricy pet odor neutralizer , this is top pickup, but man, it isn’t a good idea to keep buying those products and consuming your hard-earned money on them. Why not thinking out of the box and making something at home to save a significant amount of cash along with keeping your home nice smelling?

How to Make DIY Pet Odor Neutralizer?

Here’re some nice ways to make your own pet odor neutralizer with the already available household items and save you some bucks and sanity.

  • Method 1: Baking Soda + White Vinegar

Remove the pet secretions and hairballs as much as possible with the help of damp rags, wet vacuum, or steamer.

The most on-hand items every kitchen drawer carries, are baking soda and vinegar. Making a pet odor remover is way easier and inexpensive.

Both baking soda and vinegar are great organic components to tackle any sort of stubborn stink produced by pet’s omission and pairing both of them would do a fabulous job.

Take a decent-sized container and put 2-3 cups of tepid water in it. Take a bottle of white vinegar and pour two cups of it into that water. Now add 3-4 spoons of baking soda into the solution. Make it sure you don’t pour all the soda at once because it creates bubbles, so sprinkle bit by bit and let it do its chemistry then mix it further with that spoon to make sure no powder is sitting in the bottom.

Once the solution is ready, pour it into a washed spray bottle and squirt it over the affected surface. Let the solution stay there for a while to agitate the scum and absorb the odor then rub it with a dry cloth or a scrub brush whatever is convenient.

You can also pour dry baking soda on the smelly area and then spray the solution of lukewarm water and distilled vinegar over it and repeat the same process and you’ll be astonished how quickly it extinct the frustrating odor.

  • Method 2: Baking Soda + Hydrogen Peroxide or Lemon Juice

In this method, you’ll need a quarter-liter of hydrogen peroxide (better to grab 3% or lesser strong) that’s widely used to deal with impurities and odor reduction. If you don’t have hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice could be the perfect alternative.

Mix the same amount of baking soda as told in method one and it’ll do the same chemical action (don’t be scared, it won’t hurt you anyway). You can mix a few drops of any available essential oil to get your favorite aroma. Stir all the ingredients well and then fill the spray bottle with the mixture and sprinkle it onto the surface.

Along with other cleaning properties, the good news is that hydrogen peroxide has the capability to break down the embedded urine crystals that are the root cause of never-ending stinking malodor. With the collective effort of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide, you’ll not only be able to remove the nailed odor but hydrogen peroxide will also skillfully crumble the urine geodes.

  • Method 3: Distilled Vinegar + Dishwashing Detergent + Borax

Vinegar is really a treasure trove associated with numerous benefits and works great from abating cholesterol to blood sugar to all types of home cleaning so how we could neglect its importance in pet odor removing competence?

You can make your homemade pet odor neutralizer with the combination of distilled vinegar and all the time available dishwasher and make your home aromatic. Sleazy and dirty rotten skunk won’t make its way through your indoors if you mix a couple of tablespoons of detergent dishwashing soap into a decent amount of white vinegar.

Shake the mixture well and strew it over the suspected area. Let the solution dwell there for a decent amount of time so it could snuff up the pong. The vinegar will eradicate the weird smell and the detergent will lift the stout pee crystals leaving the surface scum-free.

Your darling namby-pambies secrete could be removed as soon as you noticed but the several blurbs remain unnoticed until they start producing foul smell and leave you helpless while dealing with it.

If you want an extra push, you can add a pinch of borax into the above formula and there’s no way pet odors could still keep entering your nostrils. This white powder has the power to fight with persistent stains, molds, and pet odors.

Borax could make your pets and kids uncomfortable, so make sure the whole area is free of that solution before you let your pets or children in.

Final Thoughts

It makes me wonder how a sane person could hate pets but people do. I believe they don’t disdain pets but the real culprit is their odor that gets people sick. Lots of pet lovers stop parenting their pets and show them the outer gate because they can’t stand the stench outpoured by those innocent creatures. The challenging part of pet odor removal could be made a simple 2 plus 2 math. You can try the above easy come easy go methods and keep enjoying the company of your dearest fellas.

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