The Best Way Kitchen Color Schemes With Cherry Cabinets [2022]

Cherry cabinets is the way to go if you want to add unrivaled richness and depth to your kitchen design. Because the red undertones in this wood species can range from subtle to intense, it may not be the greatest choice if you want a white kitchen or a Scandinavian aesthetic. If you want retro kitchens with vintage appeal, though, you’ve come to the correct location.

However, once you’ve decided on this style of wood treatment, you’ll need to think about the wall paint. Most natural wood cabinets can suit any home design concept, whether you choose neutral colors (think light gray and beige) or statement-making shades. We’ll make it simple for you to choose kitchen color schemes with cherry cabinets.

Are Cherry Cabinets Out Of Style?

Many people are undecided about cherry-toned cabinets because they don’t want their kitchens to go out of style. Cherry-shaded cabinets are well-known for their rustic appeal. On the other hand, cherry cabinets are here to stay.

For centuries, cherry hardwood has been a model in the kitchen cabinetry industry, and it is most commonly linked with traditional cabinets. They have been the chosen choice of traditional kitchens for decades. On the other hand, cherry woodwork has a timeless appearance that never seems to go out of style.

How To Lighten Up A Kitchen With Cherry Cabinets?

Because cherry wood darkens over time and with exposure to sunlight, the cabinets you liked when you first put them in may become too dark after a few years. Consider refinishing your cherry wood cabinets rather than replacing them, which is not only costly but also inconvenient.

  • Step-1: Clean your cupboards thoroughly. Cabinetry can occasionally appear darker due to grease and grime build-up, especially in the kitchen. A simple scrubbing is all that’s needed to brighten your cherry wood cabinets.
  • Step-2: Bleach your cupboards with “A/B” bleaches, which are available at most painting and hardware stores. First, sodium hydroxide (A) is used, followed by hydrogen peroxide (B). Apply B as quickly as possible, as the sodium hydroxide may cause the cabinetry to yellow if left on too long. Read the box directions and give it a try before installing it on your cabinets.
  • Step-3: Sand down the finish on your cabinets to remove it. If your cabinets are made of cherry, they are very definitely unfinished.
  • Step-4: Painting your cabinets will brighten them up. Some people may be put off by the notion of painting beautiful cherry wood cabinets, but if you’re unhappy with them and don’t want to go through the hassle of stripping them, go ahead and repaint them. Consider refinishing the cabinets, adding more lighting, or adding a skylight or windows to the kitchen.

The Right Kitchen Colors Scheme With Cherry Cabinets

Because cherry wood may be painted in a variety of colors to create a variety of designs, your personal preference for the style of kitchen you want will play a large role in determining which wall color is best for you. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite color schemes that are sure to brighten up your kitchen.

Bring out the color with white walls

The simplicity of a white wall contrasts with the richness of the cherry wood, bringing out the color of the wood and making it sparkle even more. With a white wall, the deeper the cherry wood, the more the color will pop. This is the combo for you if you want a more lively vibe and want to show off your lovely cabinetry.

Green for a complementary color contrast

Consider a shade of green if you want to bring out the red hue in the cabinets but don’t want to use white. Red and green are complementing hues that provide a strong contrast, drawing attention to your cabinets.

There are a variety of green colours to select from, so have a look and see what you like! Personally, I prefer grey-green, but brighter colours can work well if you want to liven up your kitchen.

Navy blue for a cooler look

When cherry wood cabinets are paired with a similarly dark color like navy blue, the cabinets will blend in and stick out less. The warm red of the cabinets will contrast with the colder blue to create a soothing environment. If you want a less vibrant, more balanced neutral style, this color combination will work for you.

Bright yellow like a sunflower

Yellow walls will suit you perfectly if you like a more cheerful and pleasant aesthetic. The bright yellow walls and red-brown cherry wood will add color to your kitchen and make it feel joyful and friendly.

The recommendations of for kitchen color schemes with Cherry cabinets listed above are some of the most important and latest trends. Each of these considerations suggests that cherry cabinets are required. Don’t overdo it since you might regret it later. All of your kitchen cabinetry should be managed by a professional.

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