Porch Light Colors Meaning And Their Effect

The colors carry a special meaning in feng shui. And they are also a powerful communication tool. Homeowners are often very interested in porch light because it can affect their mood, even their perception. In this article, will explain to you about Porch Light colors meaning and how it affects you?

Soft yellow maybe your favorite color, but it may not be the right color for you. Because each person has a different suitable color and they have their own meanings. You can use color to decorate your house. This will make the guests entering your space can feel warm and inviting. That space accurately reflects your beliefs and personality.


Blue porch light

Blue is a color that many people like because it creates a feeling of calm and relaxation for the viewer.

Blue porch light is like a way to raise awareness about autism. At the same time, it is also used to show respect to police officers.

You can see a lot of blue porch light every April because the 2nd of April is World Autism Awareness Day. And the blue color represents autism awareness.
In 2010, Autism Speaks promoted the “Light it Up Blue” campaign to raise autism awareness globally. So if you’re responding to that campaign, prepare your blue porch light.

Another reason you should choose the blue porch light is that it is used to show respect to the US police force. In 2017, California residents switched porch lights to blue to show their respect for police officers and their loved ones.

Porch Light colors meaning

Red porch light

Red porch light has many meanings.

It’s a popular color during American festivals like Halloween (to create a spooky feel) or Valentine’s Day (to create a romantic atmosphere). That’s why, on special occasions, Americans often change their porch lights to red.

The red porch light is often associated with February not only because February has Valentine’s Day but also to support American Heart Health.

Many US residents change their porch lights to red in support of the American Heart Association. This is also a way to raise people’s awareness about heart health.
Americans often say that the red porch light shows that you don’t have a gun in your house because you believe in gun reform. However, that was denied 4 years ago. The red porch light is simply to celebrate a special occasion or to show support for the American Heart Association.

Green porch light

People in the United States turn porch lights green to honor Veterans Day (November 11). It also acknowledges the contributions that US veterans have made to the country.

Don’t be surprised if you see green porch lights in use throughout November because, for Americans, one day to honor veterans isn’t enough.

The green porch light is also used throughout March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on March 17. This is a joyful and wonderful time of the year for the Irish. And they use green porch lights to respond to this.

What’s more, Green is globally recognized as a symbol of Lyme disease. So, some people who want to raise awareness about this incurable disease will use green porch lights all year round and most prominently in May. Because May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Pink porch light

It’s rare to see porch lights in pink, but it’s not unheard of. The pink porch light was used to show support for Breast Cancer Awareness.

In the United Kingdom, people often wear a small pink bow to show sympathy and support for patients who are suffering from or have had breast cancer.

In the US pink porch light is not used for this purpose. While it doesn’t mean anything like red or purple, it does produce beautiful light.

Purple porch light

Purple represents awareness of domestic violence. In 2007, the Domestic Violence Task Force (Washington DC) launched a campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence called Purple Late Nights. In October, families will keep purple porch lights on for a month as a way to support victims of domestic violence.

Purple is a color with high symbolic meaning. However, it should be noted that purple is a high-energy light in the color spectrum. So purple porch light can consume more energy.



White gives you a feeling of purity and innocence. It also makes you feel that the air in your home becomes cleaner and fresher.


Blue makes you feel calm and relaxed. It is also a symbolic color of loyalty, peace, and honesty. This is a color most commonly used for the porch light.


We often immediately think of femininity when it comes to pink. It is a cute and easy color that makes people feel romantic and cared for.


This is a popular color. It is used both indoors and outdoors. Yellow creates warmth because it reminds us of sunlight. It is a simple choice but can release the energy of optimism and happiness to those who live in or visit the home.


Porch Light colors meaning

Like blue, green also creates a feeling of calm and relaxation. It is associated with nature and development. Green is suitable for most outdoor spaces.
Mentally, green means good health and wealth. So this is also a favorite color of the majority.


Red is a striking color as it can represent many things like love, anger, passion, power. A red porch light will create a romantic feeling in your home.


In this article, introduced you to Porch light colors meaning. And how it affects our mood. Each color has its own meaning and represents one or more emotions. Choose a color that matches your personality and beliefs.

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